2746 N 19th Street

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According to the OPA, this property is owned by Gertrude Saylus and William Walker.  Gertrude Saylus bought it in 1992 and in 1996 transferred it to herself and William Walker. Taxes show unpaid since 2001 and total more than $6,000.

NorthStar Point Breeze LLC – NSP Program Attempts to Fight Blight

Under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, a Federal program to renew urban areas, the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority is administering the program in certain Philadelphia neighborhoods.

One of the developers involved in this program is NorthStar Point Breeze LLC, which is developing six new homes for sale to qualified buyers.  Unlike other NSP developers, NorthStar bought the lots from private owners.  These lots had been sitting vacant for years accruing taxes, liens and generally detracting from the neighborhood.

Take a look at the progress at the NorthStar Point Breeze website.

2330 Saint Albans Place

This is the block where the movie “The Sixth Sense” was filmed.  It is generally a beautiful, historic block with stately homes and a mix of longtime residents and transplants.  This property is an eyesore to the block and community.

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Abandoned City | PlanPhilly: Planning Philadelphia’s Future

The Redevelopment Authority of Philadelphia (RDA) is undergoing an overhaul by the administration of Mayor Michael Nutter, aimed at making its inventory and dispoal policies more transparent and accessible to the public. The state-chartered entity, which has the power of eminent domain and to dispose of property for less than market-value, has conveyed thousands of vacant properties over the past few decades to individuals, companies, and organizations. Most have been redeveloped – but not all. The map below shows about half of all properties (data source errors currently make a complete list impossible) which were conveyed by the RDA since 1986, but remain vacant today. Please note: many approved redevelopment projects consisted of the acquisition of vacant lots as private side yards, which still show up as “vacant.”

Abandoned City | PlanPhilly: Planning Philadelphia’s Future.

Why are we a city full of holes?

There are more than 40,000 abandoned lots in Philly. Why are we a city full of holes?

Theres maybe no single issue that permeates every facet of city life — crime, politics, gentrification, development, happiness — more deeply than Philadelphias 40,000-plus vacant and abandoned lots. Theyre arguably our biggest problem, and also our biggest opportunity. An empty lot is usually one dream gone bad and another unfulfilled. Its nothing and anything.

via The Vacant Land Issue | Philadelphia City Paper | 07/21/2011.

Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania – The Conservatorship Act

A Primer on HB2188 – Conservatorship for Abandoned Properties

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05-04-2010 @ 10:46 am

In small cities, large cities, and rural towns throughout the state, 300,000 buildings stand vacant. Too often properties sit vacant because the tools for dealing with them are not appropriate for the job. The tax sale process is too unpredictable; there is no control over what will happen to the property once it is purchased. Conservatorship allows a community to take control of its future by addressing the problem of abandonment.

via Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania.

Housing Alliance of PA Guide to New Tools

Housing Alliance PA New Tools Quick Guide FINAL Feb 2011

This NEW TOOLS QUICK GUIDE provides a compilation and brief description of state laws recently enacted for Pennsylvania’s communities to address the problem of vacant, abandoned and blighted private property.