Ravaged by Neglect

The causes, costs, and effects of property tax delinquency – detailed in this week’s PlanPhilly/Inquirer investigative series –
are staggering. Here’s a by-the-numbers breakdown of the city’s complex tax delinquency issues in bite-sized (albeit stomach-turning) bits.

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Property-tax debt is ravaging Philadelphia

We have known this for years and have been working from the private market to help ease the burden. Read Patrick Kerkstra’s revealing analysis of the delinquency/blight connection:

Property-tax debt is ravaging Philadelphia

via Property-tax debt is ravaging Philadelphia.

Vacant Properties – The True Cost to Communities

.A 2005 study featuring Philadelphia published by the National Vacant Properties Campaign.  Click HERE.

How to spend $3.9 Billion

Alan Mallach’s Proposal to spend $3.9 Billion to Stabilize Neighborhoods.  This research paper, published in Oct. 2008 provides a look at how to focus on stabilizing neighborhoods by targeting and turning over abandoned properties.  Click HERE.

RDA vacant land report released | PlanPhilly: Planning Philadelphia’s Future

RDA vacant land report released | PlanPhilly: Planning Philadelphia’s Future.