Time to Revisit The Philadelphia Land Bank


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The Land Bank was created with the best of intentions and input from numerous stakeholder groups. The exhaustive process to formulate, structure and implement the Land Bank took years, and it was finally brought into being in early 2017. Now … Continue reading

Urban Blight is Still a Problem. The Solution? You.

Abandoned homes, and urban blight are a huge problem in the city of Philadelphia. This article published by Philly.com about 6 months ago, highlights how gentrification, and urban blight go hand-in-hand. Philadelphia is a city that is constantly changing. Our population is increasing, while our supply of commercial and residential spaces struggles to rise to meet demand.

By recognizing the problem of urban blight, we can report it, and do something about it. I, personally, would like to see Philadelphia become a city that we can all take pride in. Not just a city of socially stratified neighborhoods.

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There’s Nothing Cool About Blight

We don’t think these are “cool,” as Curbed Philly coined them.  They are blight, pure and simple, destroying neighborhoods and robbing the city of energy, vitality, and economic activity.  What’s cool about that?

We do not advocate the “hobby” of entering abandoned buildings, as it is illegal and extremely dangerous.  Nonetheless, as long as some insist on this activity, there will be records of our abandoned buildings.

What they are, of course, are faded glories some of which will be rescued from demolition as Philadelphia’s development and growth continues.  Significantly, both Mt. Sinai and the Dreuding Building have received significant investor interest recently and will likely be developed soon.  Ditto the Metropolitan, however, the outlook on that is less certain.



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Eight of the Coolest Abandoned Places in Philly – Curbed Maps – Curbed Philly.

Neighbor Submitted Blight – 2649 North 17th Street

Property Address: 2649 North 17th street Philadelphia, PA 19132

Property Owner: Janae Watson 7712 Woolston Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19150

Outstanding Taxes: $325.75 to date.

Last Paid: 2012

Violations: A total of 6 violations reported on this property a few of these violations relate too: Construction w/o a permit and also Partial Demolition w/o a permit.

This property located in North Philadelphia is a three story row home. From the outside on this property could use numerous renovations to fully complete this as a home. We currently have no eyes on the inside but, with renovations this could be a complete home or a apartment. How would you use the property?


City Owned Blight!!!

Property Address: 3708 Haverford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19104-1822

Property Owner(s): The City of Philadelphia Department of Public Property
Municipal Services Bldg. Room 1030
1401 John F Kennedy Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1610

Last Sale: 11/13/1985

Sale Price: $1

Taxes Owed: $0

Improvement Description:
Row 2 Story Masonry

Beginning Point:
70′ W 37TH ST

Exterior Condition:
Sealed / Structurally Compliant

CMX2 Commercial/Commercial Mixed-Use

This city owned blight is located in the Mantua section of Philadelphia, PA. Mantua recently was chosen as “one of the nation’s first five Promise Zones” by President Obama because of the poverty and many other reasons.


2629 N 12th Street

Property Address: 2629 N 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133-1102

Property Owner(s): Bon Management LLC 421 Maplewood Ave Merion Station, PA 19066

Last Sale: 5/26/2010

Sale Price: $5,091

Taxes Owed: $0

Improvement Description: Row 2 Story masonry

Beginning Point: 197′ N Huntingdon St

Exterior Condition: Sealed / Structurally Compliant

Zoning: RM1 Residential/Residential Mixed-Use

Nearly this entire block is vacant. They are not only privately owned properties but also owned by The City of Philadelphia.

Most of the properties on the 2600 block of north 12th street suffers from fire damage.