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  1. Address of Abandoned Property: 1714 N Allison Street 19131

    There is absolutely no back to this house. It currently has a whole family of raccoons living in it. Every time it rains it falls down more.
    What Should Be Done With This Property?: Torn Down

    Thanks for submitting this address.

    You probably already know the owners of this house haven’t paid the taxes since at least 1996. Given that the owner took title to it in 1974, there is a good chance they are long gone, and maybe dead.

    Have you or anyone on the block contacted Licenses and Inspections about having them take care of the structure? If not, that’s the best place to start. Call 311 and ask the operator to help you with a dangerous, abandoned building. If that doesn’t get you anywhere, call your Council person. You need to make some noise to make things happen.

    If you or anyone you know has any interest in buying the property, I may be able to help locate the owners or their heirs.

    Best of luck, and let us know if there is anything we can help with.

    • I just checked on 1714 N Allison Street and as of today, there are taxes of more than $5,600 and who knows what else in other liens. Correction of prior post, the property was last transferred in 1964. What is happening in this neighborhood?

  2. This featured property seems to be available for purchase how would i be able to do that?1142 Kenwyn Street Philadelphia, PA 19124

  3. Looking for an abandoned commercial property for our faith-based organization in the City of Philadelphia. (Areas: Nicetown/Tioga, Logan, Center City, Northern Liberties, North Philadelphia or Germantown)

  4. 4249 Viola Street – abandoned historic building in disrepair, but still worth saving with Some tender loving care = $$. Needed soon or it might be marked for demolition!!

    • The taxes are up to date on this house and it doesn’t appear to be in very bad shape, compared to a lot of others in Philadelphia. Is there a neighborhood issue?

  5. Im not sure if this is a good place to start asking questions regarding an issue that has concerned me for many years and I’m also writing a paper on. The concerns of so many abandon homes in our “city of brotherly love” and how much attention our 2term mayor Nutter is giving to the plans of rebuilding a city that attracts people of diverse and from all walks of life? Does any of Mayor Nutter’s plans reflect any of our former Mayor John Street’s plans to rebuild in addition to this why hasn’t the insurmountable number of homeless people moved him to push harder to at least show sign that this is an eye sore and something can and will be done about it.

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