Coyle’s Legacy – 2332 East Allegheny Ave

Property Address: 2332 E. Allegheny Ave. Philadelphia PA 19134-4433

Property Owner: ALIVEST LLP (i.e., Robert N. Coyle, Sr.)

Outstanding Taxes: $9,089.88 to date.

Last Paid: 2007

This property was the headquarters of one of the most notorious slumlords, now marking federal time, in Philadelphia.  If you haven’t heard the saga of Robert N. Coyle, Sr., review the FBI’s 2012 indictment here.  Ultimately convicted, Coyle destroyed lives with his scam, and his legacy lives on in obviously abandoned properties littering neighborhoods.  Not sure how this mess gets untangled, but our friends at Philadelinquency have had much to say on the matter.  Just visit their site and search for “Coyle.”


Neighbor Submitted Blight – 2543 East Lehigh Street

Property Address: 2543 East Lehigh Street Philadelphia, PA 19125


Outstanding Taxes: $13,861.90 to date.

Last Paid: 2004

This property has a lot of potential in a great area once it is fully renovated.


Neighbor Submitted Blight – 908 South 21st Street

Property Address: 908 South 21st Street Philadelphia, PA

Property Owner: Miche’le A. Brown 17 North 62nd Street Philadelphia PA 19139

This property has an interesting history:

  • Owned by Rosemarie Hight, who died in 2001.
  • Conveyed by Charisse M. Hight, acting as Administrator of the Estate of Rosemarie Hight, to herself in 2004, after she obtained Letters of Administration.
  • Conveyed to Charisse M. Hight and her fiance Milton F. Polite in 2005.
  • Turns out Charisse Hight fraudulently obtained Letters of Administration, according to the Register of Wills in 2011.  The Register of Wills vacated the Letters of Administration granted to Charisse M. Hight and awards Letters to Miche’le A. Brown.
  • Miche’le A. Brown, rightful Administratrix of the Estate of Rosemarie Hight, conveyed the property to herself in 2011.

What’s next for this Graduate Hospital area property?


Neighbor Submitted Blight – 223 Apsley Street

Property Address: 223 Apsley Street Philadelphia, Pa 19144-4218

Property Owner: Norman Briggs 4916 Keyser Street Philadelphia Pa 19144

Outstanding Taxes: $5,903.26

Last Paid: Taxes last paid In 2009

This three floor row home is located in the Germantown area and is in fair condition. Looks like it could be a nice addition to the neighborhood.


Neighbor Sumbitted Blight – 232 Apsley Street

Property Address: 232 Apsley Street Philadelphia, Pa 19144-4219

Property Owner: Mary C. Burnett 2405 South 21st Street Philadelphia, PA 19145-4206

Property Taxes: $20,250

Last Paid: Who knows? 1998?

This row home sits in the Germantown area of Philadelphia and has been vacant for many years judging by its looks.  Can anyone comment on what is happening on the 200 block of Apsley Street?  Is this block in need of someone to come in and fix up these abandoned houses?


Neighbor Submitted Blight – 2534 west Lehigh ave

This 3 floor property is owned by “The Philadelphia Civic Organization.”

Abandoned since 1995, this property owes more than $15,000 in taxes

This property is also in the radius of the University of Temple .


Neighbor submitted blight – 2429 west Lehigh ave.

Potential diamond in the ruff, this property is owned by Richard Brown.

This Property Owes over a little more than $4,500 in taxes

It is also just minutes away from the. temple university campus


Neighbor Submitted Blight – 7812 Lister St.

This address in the greater northeast philly area was submitted recently by a neighbor.

This property is now owned by Gunther Halcsin after being transferred from his wife and himself (very odd) and is in need of occupation.

This property looks like it’s heading for mortgage foreclosure.

Submitted Property 2109 Princeton Ave.

This Property has been vacant for over 15 solid years.
It is owned by Ryan and Lise Heinemann.
Taxes for this property have Exceeded $6,562.00 and are on the rise.