Coyle’s Legacy – 2332 East Allegheny Ave

Property Address: 2332 E. Allegheny Ave. Philadelphia PA 19134-4433

Property Owner: ALIVEST LLP (i.e., Robert N. Coyle, Sr.)

Outstanding Taxes: $9,089.88 to date.

Last Paid: 2007

This property was the headquarters of one of the most notorious slumlords, now marking federal time, in Philadelphia.  If you haven’t heard the saga of Robert N. Coyle, Sr., review the FBI’s 2012 indictment here.  Ultimately convicted, Coyle destroyed lives with his scam, and his legacy lives on in obviously abandoned properties littering neighborhoods.  Not sure how this mess gets untangled, but our friends at Philadelinquency have had much to say on the matter.  Just visit their site and search for “Coyle.”


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