Submitted Property 2109 Princeton Ave.

This Property has been vacant for over 15 solid years.
It is owned by Ryan and Lise Heinemann.
Taxes for this property have Exceeded $6,562.00 and are on the rise.

2 thoughts on “Submitted Property 2109 Princeton Ave.

    • No, you can’t buy a house by simply paying off the taxes. The only way to buy privately owned real estate is to contact the owner or their agent, if they have one, directly and make an offer to buy. Incidentally, the taxes on this property seem to be paid up to date. If you want to check the tax status on any other property in Philadelphia, just check the Office of Property Assessment by clicking here. You can enter the address and check for yourself. We have found that when there are many years of taxes on a property, that always points to a problem. Sometimes the owners are gone, or there can be issues with families, etc. We would reach out to the owners to see if they are willing to sell the property and attempt to remove blight that way.

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