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City Owned Blight!!!

Property Address: 3708 Haverford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19104-1822

Property Owner(s): The City of Philadelphia Department of Public Property
Municipal Services Bldg. Room 1030
1401 John F Kennedy Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1610

Last Sale: 11/13/1985

Sale Price: $1

Taxes Owed: $0

Improvement Description:
Row 2 Story Masonry

Beginning Point:
70′ W 37TH ST

Exterior Condition:
Sealed / Structurally Compliant

CMX2 Commercial/Commercial Mixed-Use

This city owned blight is located in the Mantua section of Philadelphia, PA. Mantua recently was chosen as “one of the nation’s first five Promise Zones” by President Obama because of the poverty and many other reasons.


2629 N 12th Street

Property Address: 2629 N 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133-1102

Property Owner(s): Bon Management LLC 421 Maplewood Ave Merion Station, PA 19066

Last Sale: 5/26/2010

Sale Price: $5,091

Taxes Owed: $0

Improvement Description: Row 2 Story masonry

Beginning Point: 197′ N Huntingdon St

Exterior Condition: Sealed / Structurally Compliant

Zoning: RM1 Residential/Residential Mixed-Use

Nearly this entire block is vacant. They are not only privately owned properties but also owned by The City of Philadelphia.

Most of the properties on the 2600 block of north 12th street suffers from fire damage.


5516-22 Haverford Avenue

Property Address:5516-22 Haverford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19139-1431

Property Owner(s): Patrick & Rosalind Bailey
6032 N American Street Philadelphia, PA 19120

Taxes Owed: $15,855 last paid in 2012

This 21,640 SF Apartment building was purchased on December 12, 2011 for $1. Judging by the purchase price, this may have been acquired from a relative.

The building is sealed and suffers from fire damage. Safety violations have yet to be resolved.

What should the City do about this? More Violations?


Neighbor Submitted Blight – 5511 Haverford Avenue

Property Address: 5511 Haverford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19139-1432

Property Owner: S Town Properties LLC 5511 Haverford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19139-1432

Delinquent Taxes: $3,502 since 2008

This property was purchased on March 29, 2009 by S Town Properties LLC for $6.000. It sits in West Philadelphia across from address 5508 (more on this property later).

I am not sure what the interior looks like but judging the exterior this property isn’t in desperate need of attention. However, it can definitely use a makeover and occupancy.

Is this area upcoming like other sections of West Philadelphia? Please comment, I would love to know what is going on?


Neighbor Submitted Blight – 3344 Conrad Street

Property Address: 3344 Conrad Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19129 – 1500

Property Owner: Brown Street Investments 127 Black Walnut Lane Plymouth Meeting, Pa 19462

Property Taxes: $14,674.52

Last Paid: 2007

This property is located in the East Falls area of Philadelphia. It’s looks like one thousand tornados hit this house.

I spoke with the neighbor and she said the property has been vacant since before she and her mother moved to the block and that was eleven years ago.


Neighbor Submitted Blight – 5023 N Warnock Street

Property Address: 5023 N Warnock Street Philadelphia, Pa 19141- 3912

Property Owner: George & Michele Taylor 5023 N Warnock Street Philadelphia, Pa 19141 – 3912

Property Taxes: $22,138.61

Last Paid: 2001?

This two story home sits in the Logan area of Philadelphia and has been vacant for years judging by the looks of the property. Besides the boarded up windows and doors, the condition isn’t that bad. Any comments on what is happening on the 5000 block of Warnock?


Neighbor Submitted Blight – 223 Apsley St.

photo (1)

This is a once-grand building that has sadly fallen into disrepair.  The house is 3,005 SF and was bought on Jan 6, 2010 for $1 by Norman Briggs.

According to the OPA, taxes were paid since 2009. The $1 deed indicates that the buyer could be a family member, and the taxes haven’t been paid since the purchase (or transfer) .  Current taxes, according to OPA, total $5,903.

More later.


5033 N Warnock

I Noticed This Property While Driving In My Neighborhood, During Research I Found That Elizabeth Sammons (owner) Purchased This Property March 16, 1991 For $13,500.

Taxes Has Been Delinquent Since 2011, Owing Nearly $4,000.

I Will Keep You Guys Posted As I Learn More