Roxborough Act 135 Success Story

We are happy to report that residents of the 600 block of Wendover Street will no longer be subjected to the eyesore and danger of the blighted property on their block. In conjunction with the Community Preservation Alliance, we have been successful in an Act 135 petition, which resulted in the owners taking action, clearing the blight and selling the property to a new owner, who will return the home to a functioning, productive property. See the before pictures below:

Our efforts were initially rebuffed by the Court, but we persevered and ultimately came away with a win for the block and the residents. After a favorable ruling in PA superior court, we were successful in bringing about a resolution with the family of the former resident whereby they agreed to clean up and sell the property. Although the renovation is not yet complete, the following pictures show the progress to date:

Many thanks to the Community Preservation Alliance and those neighbors who supported the action. Because of their efforts, this property is well underway back to productive use. Most importantly, the destructive and dangerous effects of blight have been eliminated from this otherwise well-maintained block.

If you see blight in your neighborhood, let us know about it here. All contacts will be kept confidential.

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