3050 Belgrade – Reader Submitted Blight


From a Neighbor:

I recently moved on the block and this home has Scooby Doo sheets in the windows and also has a broken window with access into the home . My biggest fear is people going in to use the home to shoot up and possibly causing a fire (I have already found evidence of people going in and out). Or the pipes freezing and bursting from the cold temps. Thanks for the help!

We looked into the property and found from the OPA that the current owner is James D. Mayberry Jr. Mr. Mayberry has an address about a mile from the property, so it appears he is a local. The property was transferred to Mr. Mayberry by his father in May 2016 for $1, as is typical in transfers involving immediate family.

A review of the property’s history at the L&I website turned up only a plumbing permit and an inspection, but no violations.

What you can do: Contact L&I and submit a complaint. You can call 311 (or (215) 686-8686 if you are calling from outside Philadelphia), go to the Contact L&I, or use the city’s 311 website. If you believe there is crime or other illegal/dangerous activity, contact the police.

If this property receives violations for broken windows or open doors and is vacant, the owner will be fined until he fixes the problems. Also, houses that are vacant must be registered and obtain a license. If that is the case, it can be cited and receive another violation.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and for helping to remove the blight in Philadelphia!

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