Reader Submitted – 1541 Benner St. Philadelphia, PA 19149

From a reader:

After years of 311 reports literally nothing has been done to hold the building’s owner accountable for the condition of his property…. The doors and windows laws are not enforced here as they are elsewhere in the city for some reason.  Will [this owner] be held accountable at any point or will he be allowed to continue making a mockery of the … system? Thus far it appears to be the latter.

We looked the property up on the OPA and the listed owner is Joseph Gerard Mack. The taxes appear to be paid up to date, and the last transaction was for $1,500 in April 2015, when it was transferred from Jerome Brown Jr., who, curiously, purchased it for the same amount only a month earlier.

Perhaps, dear reader, the problems stem from the previous owner, listed as Bernard J. Mack, who public records show owned it from 1983 to 2015. There are a number of open violations lodged against the property under Mr. Mack’s ownership. Some of these appear to be closed or complied.

We do see several violations recorded in 2016, which appear to not complied as of November 13.

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