L&I: Blight Court

This article is from May, but after my meeting yesterday with L&I, I am reminded that this program is out there and beginning to bear fruit.

L&I: Blight Court starting to see success

Over the past few months, some of Philly’s ugliest buildings with plywood-covered door and window openings have begun to blossom with pretty pink L&I notices that they’re in violation of the City’s Windows and Doors policy. And some of them have actually been fixed up. At today’s City Council Legislative Oversight Committee hearing, Department of Licenses & Inspections spokeswoman Maura Kennedy reported that the 6-month-old campaign to take violators to “Blight Court” is showing returns.  She said there’s been a 35 percent compliance rate in installing the required facade fixes, and 100 properties have been sold by owners who cant or don’t want to bother with bringing their buildings up to code. L&I is also beginning to take properties with L&I liens to sheriffs sale when necessary, and has stepped up the average time for sealing a nuisance property from 10 months in 2007 to 10 days today.

Read more via L&I: Blight Court starting to see success | Philadelphia City Paper | 05/11/2012.

2 thoughts on “L&I: Blight Court

  1. We are experiencing the same problem. Where is blight court located? After a property has been sent to blight court, How do we find out the date of the hearings? Affected property owners (who live next door to hazardarous properties with numerous violations) should have access to this information.

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