5025 Schuyler Street, Philadelphia, PA

From a neighbor:

I have been living next to this eyesore for 6 years now with my husband. The owner, a man who we’ve spoken to numerous times, has refused to do anything with this property. Our neighbors have pled with him to sell it, fought with him to clean up the overgrowth year after year and even called him for animals being trapped in the property. Recently, we had vandals break into the property to steal copper piping. Frankly I’m surprised it took this long for people to break in. I credit the delay only to our diligent neighbors and the burden that watching this property has taken on them.

One such neighbor has taken this person to court a number of years ago but I’m not sure what if anything came of the legal action. I’m also not sure what recourse my husband and I have to make this person responsible for this property and its maintenance. My husband and I anticipate trying to sell our house at some point and our property value is perpetually diminishing with each day that this owner takes no action. I’d like to call L&I but know what a bureaucratic mess it can be sometimes. If anyone can give us any helpful information as to how we can get some results, we’d be extremely grateful.

Frustrated and Fed Up

2 thoughts on “5025 Schuyler Street, Philadelphia, PA

  1. Sorry for your plight. It is all too common. I have two dangerous eyesores on my block: One is involved in legal action taken by the City and the other is “untouchable” because the owner has taken out permits for construction.

    This property was last transferred in 1970, so the owner must be pretty old. The real estate taxes are paid through 2011, but 2012 is unpaid so far, so there is no real chance that you can force it to a sheriff sale.

    I know dealing with City agencies can be frustrating, but there is a dedicated group in L&I that specifically handles vacant property, and they really do instigate action on properties that introduce blight on otherwise well-kept blocks. I urge you to log on to the City’s Vacant Property Strategy Unit at http://www.phila.gov/li/aboutus/Pages/VacantPropertyStrategy.aspx.

    I have had success with this group. Although it may take some time, there will be eventual results. Let us know how you make out.

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