4827 N 9th Street Philadelphia

From a Citizen:

The current owner of the house has not come to check up on the place for at least 5 months, there are no doors, the stench is unbearable and at night since there is no security who knows what that house is being used for.

Abandoned Philadelphia Writes:

Owners: Jeffrey and Victoria Vogel

The Deed recites that the property was purchased on April 15, 1999 from Victoria Vogel’s mother, Yvette Halawani.  Although executed in 1999, the deed was not recorded in the Philadelphia Recorder of Deeds until August 6, 2004. Curious.  We have often wondered why someone would execute a deed and not bother to record it until years later.

Purchase Price $10,000

The really interesting thing about this property is that it was bought for $10,000 in 1999, the deed recorded in August 2004, and in November 2004 a lender put a $51,600 mortgage on it. I wonder if the mortgage is current?

The Vogels’ home address, as listed in 2004, shows more than  $11,000 in back taxes.

We suggest immediate and repeated calls to Licenses and Inspections, City Councilwoman Marian Tasco, 49th Ward Leader (Democratic-Shirley Gregory (215) 389-4627, Republican-Elizabeth Blong (215) 329-7248) , Block Captain, anyone else willing to listen, to get the City take appropriate action in addressing the safety issues.

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