Is PHA Finally Going to Sell?





If recent events are any indication, it just might come to pass that the Philadelphia Housing Authority, which owns about 4,000 vacant properties, will sell off some and hopefully all of its unwanted parcels.  This disgraceful policy of holding them has been an affront to Philadelphia’s residents who face plenty of obstacles in stemming the creeping deterioration of the housing stock and the fabric their neighborhoods.

Community groups and non-profit developers are eagerly waiting for more information.

Let’s hope Michael Kelly, PHA’s new Administrator, has the will and political muscle to see through the initiative he started to sell these properties.

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3 thoughts on “Is PHA Finally Going to Sell?

  1. as a senior citizen i have had many thoughts concerning the many demolished properties in this city thought of how many homeless people there are if my finances permitted i would own a couple of these abandoned house not to benefit personal purposes but to house old and young alike to put a dent in the homeless situation GOD knnows tere are more than enough to give independence to those who are able to live 0n thier own even for seniors who want to live on thier own who have never owned a home some valid thoughts to take into consideration GOD BLESS!

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