A Plea from Parkside

This posting is from a neighbor in the Parkside section:

I am with the Viola Street Residents Association a grassroots community group in the East Parkside section of West Philadelphia.  We have at least eleven (11) abandoned properties (most of them for years) and 7 vacant lots on our street alone!   We are desperately trying to find a solution to slow down the deterioration of these properties and hopefully saving them for future rehabilitation. We DO NOT WANT ANY MORE DEMOLITION!  We want and need development that will benefit the current residents.   We already had an abundance of “tear downs” due to the condition of the property and demolition under NTI.   I can send you the addresses.  There is no need for me to point out how this saturation has impacted residents on our street and the health of our community.
4272, 4230, 4268, 4218, Viola Street and more..

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