Great News for Point Breeze and Grays Ferry Philadelphia

Those of you who have followed the Universal Companies’ activities will not be surprised that Kenny Gamble has secured a large grant to continue the the renewal of Point Breeze and Grays Ferry.

Kenny Gamble’s redevelopment plan gets a U.S. grant | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/25/2011.

2 thoughts on “Great News for Point Breeze and Grays Ferry Philadelphia

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  2. From a friend:

    I’m a local developer and live in the city. I have bought many properties in the area once known as Graduate Hospital. Developers like me have looked upon Kenny Gamble as a man who has good intentions but cannot complete the task. That is left to people like me and my colleagues. We often laugh at the press and city officials who parade around saying this guy will fix neighborhood problems.

    As for the article on Point Breeze, I think Mr. Gamble is late to the game. Developers are already buying and laying the groundwork for the area to be redone. We don’t need a federal grant to confirm what is obvious. This area is the last area in Metro Philly that is close to Center City and has been neglected. The area reminds us of what Graduate Hospital used to be. Just to set the record straight, Kenny Gamble was run out of that area, by City officials, and his lack of progress in getting things done. All you have to do is look at the Royal Theater.

    What he and other old guard city officials are doing is talking, not doing. Unfortunately Kenny wants to preserve the neighborhood and not displace the people. He wants gentrification without gentrification (i.e., new residents moving in). This goes against economic theory and once again will be highlighted in the months and years ahead. (Look at Graduate Hospital) But it’s already begun. The NewBold area is being developed, no need for a grant there. I own several buildings in that area and plan to buy more.

    What will happen between now and 2015 is that area is going to come under normal economic pressure: The city is expanding and Point Breeze is the next area to be developed. What comes with that is coffee shops and a more diverse neighborhood. Prices will increase, new residents will move in, and finally restaurants will open. That is already occuring at 18th & Federal. The old Wander inn was bought and is being fixed up by the owner of the South Philly Tap Room. By the spring that area will be buzzing with activity. (Grant Free) No need for a ribbon cutting ceremony.

    Kenny Gamble has had his day, now let the people who do the heavy lifting do what he and other politicians cannot do…build!!!

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