Major Shakeup In Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office

One of the major reasons there are so many abandoned properties in Philadelphia.

Major Shakeup In Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office « CBS Philly – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Philadelphia.

2 thoughts on “Major Shakeup In Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office

  1. Is ANYONE paying attention to this story? I have been dealing with the Sheriff department for years and have always found it unbelievably difficult to collect proceeds from the sales. I thought it was just an overabundance of caution, although I have had a friend with knowledge of the department tell me the money has been disappearing from the Sheriff office for years.

    • Yeah, I am waiting for a BRT-type investigation from the Inquirer. I hear horror stories of how hard it is to collect excess funds from Sheriff sales. I would love to hear other comments from those with direct experience.

      Again, this is not the ONLY cause, just one of many that contribute to so many abandoned properties in Philadelphia.

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