Abandoned Properties

We will post addresses as submitted by you, the neighbors, including accrued taxes as available from public records.  Feel free to comment your thoughts and wishes for any property.  Do you want it cleaned up? Do you know of someone who would love to buy it and fix it?

We will work on turning these back into productive homes for the citizens of Philadelphia.

38 thoughts on “Abandoned Properties

  1. Research by the Wharton School has found that a single blighted property decreases the value of each surrounding property by more than $3,000.

  2. My daughter just got approved for ssi n i been looking at this abondoned property on my block for two years now i was wondering what cam i do to try to purchase the home n try to fix it living with a budget n a sick.child is hard i have her backpayment money in the bank if the city would sell it to me it would be great opportunity for me n my kids to have our own home n also fix the neighborhood with my low imcome status i will never b able to save enough to buy a new home but abondoned property seems to n a great solution. What do i have to do for the city to sell me the home ill b willing to pay off the taxrs

  3. how can i get abandon house and fix it up for me and my 7 kids. how do i own a philadelphia abandon property house. thank you.

  4. hello the house next door is abadoned the owner passed away over 10 years ago, how do i go about taken owner ship so i can get assistant to get it fixed up for me and My Daughter. the house is perfect for us and its right next door to my grandfather can u please help

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  5. What can we do to make absentee land owners accountable for their vacant lots? A higher tav rate or penalty for land that is undeveloped seems pretty fitting. There’s a huge lot on the northeast corner of broad street and washington avenue that has trash on all 4 sidewalks for an entire city block (washington, broad, 13th street and carpenter). This is in the middle of the city and nothing is done by the owners Hudson River Capital Holdings to maintain this property. The city doesn’t do enough to penalize property owners who habitually neglect their property. If we all band together, we can probably make the system work.

  6. I would also like a list of abandoned properties that people walked away from in the city of phila that may owe back taxes or have some type of liens or just up and moved away.

  7. Hi, my name is Hayley. i live in nj but i am lookin for any abandon warehouses. i prefer out away from other building jus away from alot of residents. i am trying to start my own dog rescue and first thing is finding a location.. im looking for a fixer upper!

  8. Hello I will like to purchase an abandon house in Philly and fix it up can you please give me more info on what I need to do to make this possible thank you

  9. There’s always comments but no one tells exactly what needs to be done or how to obtain the property is there a listing out there somewhere.

  10. I am interest in learning how I would be able to obtain a few properties around the north philadelphia area which have been vacant for sometime. Please contact me to let me know what steps I need to take to obtain the properties. Thank you

  11. Can you post a complete list of addresses in the city of phila that’s abandoned or have tax liens in order by zip code

  12. Currently living in a shelter. I am looking for an abandoned property to buy for my family. I don’t make much money and this is the only way i could ever see owning a house. PLEASE HELP, I’M DESPERATE!
    Any info on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

    • There is always squatters rights. If you can find a vacant property that hasn’t been touched in a long time take it over, live in it and then claim it in 21 years. It is PA law.

  13. I am looking for a property to fix up and live in for my family and also one to start a small business to help the unemployed and grow theeconomy. contact me at email ; nycci.jallain@verizon..net. I have a blog at google bloggers under: National Youth C.A.R.E. Coalition, Inc.

  14. Looking for info on how to purchase abandoned houses, cheap.

    I am alsolooking for a property to fix up and live in for my family and also one to start a small business to help the overall community.


  15. Hi. I am a 27 yr old single mother of 3 children. 2 girls who are 8 and 5, a son
    who is 3. I am homeless and from Philadelphia, Pa. I am staying from place to
    place with my children which is not sufficient enough for our living situation.
    I have to struggle to find a place for them to sleep every night. I been to
    every shelter in my area which have all rejected me because they do not have the
    space. We are clean and healthy, and I have all my prioritites, with the
    exception of housing together. All of my kids are in school and I am in trade
    school for Cosmetology, graduating October 2013. I do hair for the income I do
    receive on my own, I receive childcare from 7-6pm daily and receive $260 in cash
    and $600 in food stamps every month from DPW. Looking for a 2bdrm or 3 bdrm
    house/apt/squatter’s opp. that I can live so I will not lose my children.
    Willing to exchange work, cleaning, food stamps, all my cash and/or handyman
    services for a place to live. If any one has a helpful suggestions, donations,
    or an opportunity available for us please reply by email. I will check my email
    daily. Thanks in advance.

  16. Hey my boyfriend is trying to find a space in north Philadelphia to start a community garden for the public if anyone has any ideas or suggestions that would be great we could use all the help we can get

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